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The Tattersal ISBI
 photo snapshot_9f067d42_9f68035d_zpsf9672dc0.jpg

Wow! The last time I posted was in October! I did not mean to let this go so long but with the holidays and everything I got behind. Then I was hijacked by Minecraft. Yeah, it's all Minecraft's fault. Anyway, let's get back on track if we can and pick up where we left off.
Last time: The kids all went off to college. Brekke is my torchholder. Everything was going pretty well until right near the end of freshman year when F'lar almost died by fire. He survived, barely, but, because of his low stats he missed his final exam and was placed on Academic Probation. Menolly and F'nor both passed.
Warnings:Bad language, and sims behaving badly.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_7f096a8f_zps6112c8bf.jpg
Menolly has her own way of dealing with her brother's brush with death. She decides to work out on the bike.

 photo snapshot_9f067d42_1f32a3ef_zpsbc8cace3.jpg
For several hours.

 photo snapshot_9f067d42_ff32a88e_zpsc212ac46.jpg
When she gets off she goes into the other room and promptly passes out.
Dormi:"I hope she's alright." *worry, worry, worry* Yeah, me too. One near death is all I can take right now.

Gen.1 Uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_7f32a7b0_zps0c909dbf.jpg
F'nor could care less that his sister is passed out only a few feet from him. I should mention that I've used everyone's YA command and I didn't even get passed Freshman year.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_9f32a664_zps3ed8ba34.jpg
I had to use F'lar's YA command to get him to eat something as he was going to head off to the bathroom. Because emptying your bladder is much more important then eating when you are inches from death! At this point he's had something to eat but he's not a very happy camper.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_3f32a6f6_zpscfeee073.jpg
He's also very tired at this point. Sleeping in your mac and cheese is not very restful apparently.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_9f32a6d2_zps866f116e.jpg
Since his fun level is in the toilet (along with half of the rest of his needs) he went and turned the radio on. Then off. Then on again. But it gives no comfort.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_9f32a6ed_zps87174b05.jpg
"Oh What The Hell! This isn't helping at all! I still feel like shit!"

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_7f32a734_zpsd30743dd.jpg
Finally he goes off to bed to get some real sleep. Of course, this means he also misses going to his class today.
Sophomore year is off to a great start!

 photo snapshot_9f067d42_ff32aa46_zps0f0c27dd.jpg
Meanwhile Menolly has finished her nap and joined her sister in the study area upstairs. Salmon Sweater Dormi followed her, I see.

 photo snapshot_9f067d42_5f32aa63_zpsbcbff896.jpg
Dormies: *stare, stare, stare...* Really guys?

 photo snapshot_9f067d42_9f32aace_zps87467cd4.jpg
Then Heath joins the group and then they all start heartfarting over the girls.

 photo snapshot_9f067d42_5f32ab0d_zps5d835f3b.jpg
And three seconds later they both complain that Menolly stinks worse than a barrel of dead fish!

 photo snapshot_9f067d42_df32ab99_zpsb8d411cd.jpg
Brekke:"Good god, go take a shower already!"
It's like a flashback to Menolly's childhood!

 photo snapshot_9f067d42_ff069256_zps7fd049ff.jpg
I think my sims are using the exercise bike as a stress reliever. F'lar headed for it as soon as he woke up.

 photo snapshot_9f067d42_3f332a9b_zps815b5a00.jpg
Brekke decides to build a snowman instead.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_df332be3_zps6723bdb3.jpg
ACR is starting to heat things up, at least with some people. Menolly found another sim to kiss on.

 photo snapshot_9f067d42_ff332b8e_zpsbaf7ed9f.jpg
Really, Menolly, I hope you're not going to cause a lot of conflict doing this.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_7f3332a3_zpsc43834dd.jpg
Brekke went out to the coffee shop to continue her search for a mate. So far she hasn't had much luck.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_7f44d6cd_zps1253fa07.jpg
F'lar:"Hey, what's that on your shirt?"
Dormi:"Huh? Where?"

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_3f44d6da_zps4cf27e61.jpg
F'lar:"DOINK! AHAHAHAHAHAHA! What a dork?"
Dormi:"What the hell, man?"
F'lar's low aspiration has turned him into a bit of an ass it seems.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_9f44d6eb_zpsb718e564.jpg

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_ff44d700_zpsf5bb88e1.jpg

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_ff44d70c_zps18cd201a.jpg

Poke-argue-be poked...I'm sure none of this bodes well for the future.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_7f44d730_zps0009e656.jpg
And now F'lar's not the only one in a pissy mood.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_bf44d768_zps860d9842.jpg
You messed with him like that just so you could sit on the couch by yourself? Really?
"He was crowding me."

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_df44d796_zps957ad1f5.jpg
Really, F'lar? Really?

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_bf44d9a8_zps2cd48a11.jpg
I missed the beginning of it but Heath apparently came back and the slap down has begun.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_3f44d9d2_zps09dd1da6.jpg
Slappity, slappity, slappity...

Gen. 1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_ff44d9dd_zps0cd36235.jpg
Slappity, slappity, slappity...

 photo snapshot_9f067d42_5f44da46_zps77e30968.jpg
Then suddenly, F'lar stopped to go to class. It didn't stop Heath from following him, though.

 photo snapshot_9f067d42_1f251492_zps0b2c28b2.jpg
Menolly tries to distract Heath from her brother by dancing for him. After a few minutes he decided dancing with her was more fun the slapping F'lar who was long gone by then anyway.

 photo snapshot_9f067d42_ff44de78_zps57c5fddb.jpg
Menolly:"You call that dancing? How did you ever get to be a cheerleader with moves like that?"
It's hard to impress someone who's been dancing since she was a toddler.

 photo snapshot_9f067d42_1f44e08e_zpsb025fd2c.jpg
F'lar:"Holy hell you stink! How am I supposed to eat if you're standing there smelling like a dung heap?"
Heath:"You got something to say, crack-head? You want a piece of me?"

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_3f44e0c7_zps23d60440.jpg
Slappity, slappity, slappity...
F'lar:"Go and bathe so you'll stop smelling like crotch!"

 photo snapshot_9f067d42_5f44e0d8_zps2a5fe5c5.jpg
Cheerleader:"Alright, let's go! Fight! Fight! Fight!"
Will you shut-up and stop encouraging them? Go home!

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_9f44e0be_zps17bb71f9.jpg
Heath:"If you get your head out of your ass maybe you could smell something besides crotch, pissant!"
Dormi:"Uh, he's not altogether wrong, dude, you do smell rank."

 photo snapshot_9f067d42_df44e170_zps80309bc1.jpg
The slapping continued and now they are enemies. Oh, yay.

 photo snapshot_9f067d42_df44e180_zps7d9254c7.jpg
Then they both cry!

Gen. 1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_5f44e192_zpsf13b92c7.jpg
"WAHHHHH! Why does no one love meeee!"
I can't begin to imagine what your problem is with that. *rolls eyes*

 photo snapshot_9f067d42_bf44e241_zps39f8d00e.jpg
Amazingly enough, after all the name calling and slapping they sat down next to each other to eat. Not only that but they had a conversation with each other? Only in the sims would you sit down and have a normal conversation with your mortal enemy.

 photo snapshot_9f067d42_bf44e51c_zps5a63c835.jpg
F'lar managed to finish the semester with a C or a C+, much to my surprise. At least he's off A.P. now.

Gen.1 photo snapshot_9f067d42_df44e6ea_zpsf3c8f0d7.jpg
Managing to get a passing grade isn't enough to stop F'lar from being an ass though.

Gen 1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_1f44e705_zps92497fc9.jpg
Slap you, slap me, this is getting old fast.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_1f44e7a1_zpsf6237d76.jpg
So they decided to take it to the next level! First fight of the ISBI! Thanks a lot, F'lar.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_9f44e7ab_zpsfa981d38.jpg
At least Menolly is worried about her brother. "I hope He doesn't hurt Heath too much!" Well, sort of worried about him.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_bf44e807_zps316754f5.jpg
To my surprise F'lar actually won.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_3f45e6f8_zps97c86caa.jpg
Menolly really seems to have taken a shine to this guy. Later on they decided to play kicky-bag together.

 photo snapshot_9f067d42_5f45e83a_zps6a119db7.jpg
It's too bad her brother doesn't feel the same way.
F'lar:"Yeah, I'd like to kick something alright, and it ain't that bag!"

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_bf45e7fe_zps77654a74.jpg
Of course, since they decided to play right in front of the counter others had trouble getting their food and then getting a seat.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_9f45e796_zps44b2b763.jpg
And F'lar continues to complain about how he's getting no lovin'.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_bf45e881_zps1de7f3b3.jpg
Wait...who are you "hanging out" with?

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_3f45e8c3_zps66f7fb1e.jpg
Ah. Pink dress dormi has become Transparent in Pink.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_3f45ea08_zps9bdecfc9.jpg
And of course Miss T.I.P. sat down right next to F'nor blocking him from getting out of his seat.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_3f45ea3f_zpsed3f3333.jpg
She and F'lar sat there for several hours and F'nor could not get up and started crying about it!

Gen 1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_ff45ebe4_zps96d8c9f6.jpg
Finally they got up and left and F'lar could get up also. His hand was stuck for awhile holding his now invisible bowl.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_9f45ecbe_zps4db43028.jpg
The next morning these two met up in the bathroom for a backrub. I think it's alright. They're alone there.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_9f45ecef_zpsa62d00e0.jpg
oh shit!

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_7f45ecfb_zps1523cab0.jpg
I get the feeling F'lar is not okay with this situation.

 photo snapshot_9f067d42_1f45ed48_zpsaec8ad41.jpg
Slappity, slappity, slappity...and this surprises absolutely no-one.

 photo snapshot_9f067d42_ff45ed7d_zps700d3156.jpg
F'lar:"Damn, I think I hurt my hand."
Here's a thought: STOP SLAPPING PEOPLE!

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_1f45edfd_zps703e26ef.jpg

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_9f45ee1c_zps61f74a71.jpg
Wow, F'lar not only beat him but he beat him into the wall!

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_3f45edcc_zps59e49b00.jpg
No sooner had Heath got up from that first beat-down F'lar went after him again. Fights 2 and 3! F'lar won both fights, by the way.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_1f45efc3_zpsbf6b50eb.jpg
Menolly, you're not helping the situation much with all that! I don't care if Heath is now in crush with you!

 photo snapshot_9f067d42_df45f054_zps2aee9da9.jpg
F'lar:"You dare to kiss my sister like that right in front of me? You are Dead!"
Heath:"I kissed her? Let me set you straight on what just happened, dickhead!"

 photo snapshot_9f067d42_1f45efed_zps2be40113.jpg

 photo snapshot_9f067d42_3f45f01b_zps7ab7b5df.jpg
F'lar:"He is so fuckin' dead when he gets out of that clinch."

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_9f45f11a_zps8c3a9bde.jpg
Remarkably, Heath was saved when F'lar got side tracked and decided his oral hygiene was more important than kicking Heath's ass.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_bf45ee50_zps0b054469.jpg
It did not stop these two from canoodling some more right under his nose. Did you learn nothing from the last few minutes? Go somewhere else and do that!

 photo snapshot_9f067d42_5f45f1c3_zps9ab392cd.jpg
Menolly goes to talk to her brother and run interference. Maybe if we can distract him long enough he'll leave the love birds alone for awhile.

 photo 1f2a115e-d0e6-4ccc-99d0-28b455fb6089_zps222f867b.jpg
Streaker Dormi:"Hey, everyone! How's it hanging?"
okay, that was too much distraction. Moving on...

 photo snapshot_9f067d42_3f45f52e_zps702eedb6.jpg
Menolly went back out to the arcade by herself this time to see who's around.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_3f45f580_zpsb8aa7304.jpg
She made straight for Hyperion (by rikkulidea). I already know how she feels about him.
I still have hopes of finding someone with 2 bolts for her but I think she'd rather have Hyperion.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_5f45f7cd_zpsb0dd1470.jpg
Still undaunted I send her to the coffee shop and here she makes a beeline to the moving statue. Like Mother, like daughter, I suppose.

Gen.1  uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_5f45f810_zpsea3aa8dc.jpg
Then this red-headed gentleman made a beeline for her, but she has negative bolts with him. Foiled again!

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_5f6162c3_zps6733b7f0.jpg
Menolly's favorite thing to gossip about is the time the nanny pissed herself in front of her crib. How do you even remember that?

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_5f46075b_zps794f200a.jpg
I don't know what just happened but, yay, and I hope it gets you out of your low aspiration!

 photo snapshot_9f067d42_bf4607a2_zps70a7252b.jpg
Ah, that's what you did.

Gen. 1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_7f460afe_zps1e04ce8f.jpg
F'lar! Hey! Leave the computer alone, I think she wants to talk to you!

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_3f460ad2_zps56dda9a0.jpg
Or, maybe something besides talk.

 photo snapshot_9f067d42_df460b20_zpsb5c6a280.jpg
This is good. I'm hoping that if he gets a bit of romantic interest going maybe he'll forget about Heath and his sister.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_ff460be9_zps7ee32e6c.jpg
Then she got crush hearts. This is so much better than fighting!

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_3f460c6d_zpsa231c4f9.jpg
And then she left for class and guess who returned from his? Yep, it's Heath!

 photo snapshot_9f067d42_5f460c86_zpse2678f35.jpg
*headdesk, headdesk*

 photo snapshot_9f067d42_3f460d9c_zps4eb53032.jpg
Heath you're 0-4 now, I think you need to quit.

 photo snapshot_9f067d42_5f460cbb_zpsd91ae46f.jpg
Fucking Hell, F'lar!
No sooner did Heath get to his feet but F'lar attacked him again. You're ruining my fight score you two!

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_df460d05_zps668c18c2.jpg
AHHH! Demon Eyes! Damn, F'lar! That's 5 fights he's won so far.

Gen.1 Uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_7f4610e5_zps433e1040.jpg
Everybody managed to pass their second year and they're ready to tackle Junior year! Brekke wants to congratulate her siblings but they're busy doing more important things.

 photo snapshot_9f067d42_bf4611d8_zps0e0db5ec.jpg
Brekke:"I'm going to congratulate someone before I leave this bathroom I swear! I can wait all day if I have to!"
Is it that important to you?

 photo snapshot_9f067d42_df46111b_zps1e03855d.jpg
Brekke:"Congratulations on getting a C last semester!"
I guess it really was that important to her.

 photo snapshot_9f067d42_df46128a_zps29a79a2c.jpg
F'lar, you managed to pass with a C and you have managed to get into platinum with no help from anyone. Can't you be happy with that and leave Heath alone once?

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_bf4612f5_zps47bf278f.jpg
Obviously not.

 photo snapshot_9f067d42_5f461349_zpsf015f8f4.jpg
Sometimes you should stop while you're ahead. He lost that fight! There goes your perfect score!

Next time the kids finish college (I hope)! And hopefully a lot sooner than this last update.

Torch Holders-2
Perma-platinum sims-0
Shrink visits-2
Social Bunny visits-0
Social Worker Visits-0
Accidental deaths-0
Pass outs-4
Self wettings-0
Special tombstones vs total-0

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Congratulations to F'lar getting a lover and an enemy ISBI style :)

Thanks. :) ACR helped with the lover bit, I can take no credit. By himself he was all boo-hoo cry, cry nobody loves me!
Nothing like making an enemy of the boy your sister has the hots for!

Yay a Tattersal update! I really love reading ISBIs and now enjoy playing one! Poor Brekke is having such a hard time finding a mate. I LOLed at how important it was for her to congratulate someone. My Sims usually congratulate each other about oddball stuff like snow, but at least Brekke congratulated Menolly about something relevant. XD F'lar totally needs to get himself some hobbies. And yay, no one committed suicide on the exercise bike this time!

I'm glad you enjoyed it and I hope the next update doesn't take me so long! (I gotta stay out of Minecraft! So addicting!)
Actually, Brekke did find one guy she actually had two bolts with, but my game decided to crash on me and so I lost it and she hasn't met him again so I left it out. Everyone else is either one bolt or negative. :P
Yes, she was determined to congratulate someone! It was very important to her. Mine like to congratulate for silly things, too, like congratulating an adult for being potty trained. There's a good one!

F'lar has a hobby! It's beating Heath to a pulp on a daily basis!

They were all very good about the bike. I'm glad. For the most part. I still have to post the rest of their college years! Nobody did die but the bike did figure in some of the drama.

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