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The Tattersal ISBI
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Okay, LJ decided to eat my last post while I was still in the middle of writing it. Not funny, LJ.
So this is take two. Hopefully it comes out as good as the first one was.
Anyway: Last time the kids were all teens and did all the usual teen things. Eat grilled cheese, smustle, stay up half the night, ignore their guests and smustle. Everyone was then packed off to University where Brekke was declared the next Torch Holder.
Warnings: Swearing, the usual stupidity, cows, and many, many pics.

Before we get to the kids I have to include something I somehow forgot to include last time.

 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_1f0676fc_zps644d980c.jpg
Kent achieved elderhood and, despite constantly burning his food and suffering two mental breakdowns, somehow managed to grow up well.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_fd5f4676_5f0676ec_zpsec83bd9e.jpg
He transitioned after taking a nap and with several of his kids dancing around in the room to help him celebrate.

Okay! Now, on to University.

Gen.1 Uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_df067d45_zps6cba3b4f.jpg
The kids all grew up well, too. They went to Sim State.

Gen.1.uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_3f067f9b_zps8be2d747.jpg
I let them have the first four rooms in. I figure it will be easier for them to get to class that way.

Gen.1. uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_7f0683ce_zps6073056a.jpg
I bought them the Exercise Bike of Doom. I know, I've heard the stories. I'm just going to have to pray nobody rides on it until they starve.

Gen.1.uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_bf068421_zps016e8c1a.jpg
And speaking of starving, all three managed to get their first meal without any problems. That's good. These kids have been pretty good about taking care of their needs for the most part.

Gen.1.uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_1f068d07_zpsdb00be97.jpg
Brekke, why are you stalking the dormies? It's far too soon to get creepy here.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_7f251503_zps4a95475e.jpg
The girls got new outfits as well as F'lar. F'nor got to keep what he transitioned into.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_3f0690ff_zps893787ad.jpg
Menolly: "Hey, sis! Check out my new outfit! What do you think?"
Brekke: "What? Huh? Mel, I'm trying to take a shower here! Can't it wait?"

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_3f0962a0_zps5183312a.jpg
She then decides to strike up a conversation with some of the other dormies in the shower room and thus brings the creep factor up to about 5 and we've just got started!

Gen.1. uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_ff069256_zps977a3e44.jpg
F'lar was the first of the uncontrollables to find the EBOD. LOL at his work-out clothes!
He worked out for a few hours then went to bed. So far, so good.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_5f0963b9_zps15e5093f.jpg
He didn't "get fit" until the next morning after he woke up.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_ff0964ec_zps109b5e87.jpg
Menolly's guide to being a creepy stalker type.
1.Stand on the other side of a wall from where the object of your scrutiny is. Make sure they can't see you.

 photo snapshot_9f067d42_ff096559_zpsa461bf43.jpg
2.Should the object of your attention walk past you pretend you don't see them. Whistling a tune can help.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_5f0965dd_zps697d19ab.jpg
3.Stand by the stairs and watch all the dormies come down and go to class. Watch your brother pass you but don't acknowledge him.

Gen. 1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_5f096626_zps2da2c759.jpg
After he passes you, follow him until he settles somewhere. Make sure to stand in doorways if possible.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_9f09662f_zpse5a991e2.jpg
If you follow all these steps you too can be creepy and stalker-y.

Gen.1uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_bf09681a_zps0a4ee98a.jpg
The crazy coach must have come on the lot when I wasn't looking and caught poor F'nor. The poor kid was doing jumping jacks for hours while his siblings played catch.

Gen.1. uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_bf268789_zpsc1221419.jpg
Menolly was the next uncontrollable to discover the EBOD. Again, she used it for a couple of hours then went to bed. So far, so good.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_9f096e28_zpsa574ca45.jpg
She also 'got fit' after a good nights sleep.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_bf096de9_zpsb9725cde.jpg
And so it starts. Both F'lar and F'nor are romance sims so I just know their want panels are full of wants they'll never fulfill on their own.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_3f096f91_zpse4909590.jpg
I decided to take them all out to a community lot. Maybe that would do something to help their mood.
Besides, it's never too early for Brekke to start scoping out available mens.

 photo snapshot_9f067d42_1f09714f_zps0068eb7e.jpg
Of course, I forgot to consider when she went to class, so as soon as they arrived Brekke headed off to class leaving the uncontrollables on their own.

1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_ff09718f_zps45ee6918.jpg
F'nor is the first one to show some initiative. He went in and sat at the bar.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_7f0971eb_zps1abcc787.jpg
"Well, hey there, sweet thang. You come here often?"

Gen. 1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_7f097200_zps6ae7bf64.jpg
"Not after today, no. Check please!"
Smooth move, F'nor. She could not have sat any further away from him and still be at the bar.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_bf097265_zps37a01d22.jpg
"What went wrong? Do I have something stuck in my teeth? Dirt on my face? Does my breath smell bad?"
You're fine, baby, she just doesn't know a good thing when she sees it.

 photo snapshot_9f067d42_bf097295_zps1b9c5e88.jpg
The other two eventually join their brother. Of course Menolly had to stand in the doorway again.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_ff097433_zpsa8372c7c.jpg
When Brekke came back from class she went and joined this guy on the stage to jam with him.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_7f09745a_zps50bb9d2d.jpg
As soon as she started playing, however, he stopped, complaining of being hungry. Oh, comeon! Her playing isn't that bad!

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_5f097561_zpse82618e1.jpg
It may be time to leave anyway. Not only is the Unsavory Charlatan here but also the stupid cow mascot.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_df09750c_zps7dcedf11.jpg
Ha! Whatever line of bullshit U.C. was trying to lay on him F'nor would have nothing of it and stopped U.C. cold.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_7f0975e1_zpsa39e3f04.jpg
Unfortunately, the same could not be said of Brekke's encounter with the cow. He followed her into the bathroom and started some shit with her.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_5f097629_zps69dc89aa.jpg
Bitch made my girl cry!
Menolly: "You'd better watch yourself, Mr. Cow. Nobody makes my twin cry. Watch your back, because steak is back on the menu."

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_1f0976a0_zpsc2c2cbf8.jpg
Menolly: "Don't you worry, sister, I got your back."
Brekke: "Oh, Mel, you're the best."
Could you two just, hug or something and not kiss?

n.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_7f0977d9_zpsf66f6f02.jpg
After returning to the dorm Brekke headed off to class again for the second time that day.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_9f097a38_zps9904c555.jpg
She finished the first semester with an A+ and an undying hatred for the cow mascot.

 photo snapshot_9f067d42_7f097b4b_zps146530b2.jpg
F'nor and F'lar passed with A+es and Menolly got a B. One semester down! Only 7 more to go!

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_5f097ca0_zps02bc8072.jpg
I know Menolly has no cooking skill points so I encouraged her to cook a meal and she didn't even burn it! Way to go, Menolly!

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_5f251379_zpsff9dd41a.jpg
Menolly: "Hey, sis! Hurry up, please? I really have to go!"
Brekke: "Are you serious? I just sat down! Go elsewhere."

 photo snapshot_9f067d42_7f251385_zps6ac5e67f.jpg
Menolly: "No, really, I've got to go NOW! Hurry!"
Brekke: "Four words, Mel; Three Stalls! Two Empty! Go use one of them!"
Menolly: "But I like this one!"

Ge.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_ff2513a8_zps7fcf163d.jpg
Menolly: "I'm going to wet myself! I Can't Wait Any Longer!!"
Brekke: "Yo, sis. Been out for five minutes."

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_5f251404_zps507ffd7f.jpg
And, no, she didn't piss herself. Her hygiene is just in the toilet, too.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_bf2514df_zps00dfde73.jpg
When she finally got herself together she went out and joined this dormie dancing.

Gen 1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_7f25170f_zpsf1404b53.jpg
Brekke is trying to get to know some of the dormies she's living with. Some of them are likely to be in the secret society although I'm really not worrying about any of them getting in.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_df2517e9_zps9029a86b.jpg
She even tries to help her brothers out by introducing this one to F'lar.

 photo snapshot_9f067d42_bf251831_zps83eb7cc4.jpg

 photo snapshot_9f067d42_bf251856_zps6ed95abb.jpg
An awkward silence then ensues as Brekke leaves for class.

 photo snapshot_9f067d42_bf25185d_zpsce1083b9.jpg
He then turned the radio on but as soon as she started to dance he walked off!

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_bf460a6c_zps4423cedb.jpg
"Yay! Video Games!"
Since when do you turn down dancing to go play games?

Gen. 1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_1f251c84_zps6769c970.jpg
Ah, but a little later on he did go and strike up a conversation with this dormie all by himself.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_bf251cdf_zpsfd73b120.jpg
Uh-oh. she must have said something he didn't like.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_bf251cfc_zpsf75fd596.jpg
Dormie: "What did I say?"
F'nor: "WAAHHHH! I'm never going to get laid at this rate!"
F'lar: "Oh, suck it up, brother."
Yeah, like you're doing so much better than him, F'lar.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_df251f88_zps5bcecf79.jpg
Time to go mate hunting again. Brekke went out to the Archimedes Arcade and the first thing she did was play with the remote control car.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_1f252059_zps83b6ce55.jpg
She then goes in and introduces herself to Conner Weir.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_9f2520b2_zpsf902eefc.jpg
And promptly bores him to death apparently.
Cashier: stare, stare, stare.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_9f2520ed_zpsb4a692f8.jpg
"When I graduate I have a lovely little house picked out. I can't wait to graduate and move in!"
Yeah. Lovely little house. Your parents house!

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_ff25213f_zps92a0b2ce.jpg
"I don't really know how much inheritance I'll get but I'm hoping it will be a substantial amount."
Good Lord, girl, let your parents enjoy their old age before you plot their demise, will you?

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_df2521e0_zpsc534ac8d.jpg
She scoped the room and lit up rikkulidea 's Hyperion Randolph, who was just getting ready to leave.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_ff252248_zps3b269041.jpg
Fortunately she was able to introduce herself before he got too far. She has one bolt with him.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_df267303_zps16e5b177.jpg
He seems to like what he sees, too.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_9f267329_zps336dcea2.jpg
Hello, Kent, who's playing chess in the background. I see you.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_9f2523d0_zps3b91fc3b.jpg
After Hyperion left she went back inside to talk to some more people.
You can just stop heart-farting there, Benjamin! I see that wedding ring on your finger!
Bartender: stare, stare, stare.

 photo snapshot_9f067d42_3f266c13_zpsc93a0333.jpg
Oh great. The fucking cow is here. If there's one thing that annoys me more than incompetent nannies, it's the cow mascot.

gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_3f266c2e_zps5a2cd2db.jpg
I think the cook has dealt with him before. She's not happy to see him either.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_3f266cb7_zpsa17f7285.jpg
The first thing he does is go to shake hands with F'lar.
Don't Do It! It's a trap!

Gen.1.uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_7f266cc1_zpse3fae502.jpg
See? I told you.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_7f266cdb_zps541d0fc8.jpg
F'lar: "Pull that shit on me one more time and I'll break off those horns of yours and shove 'em up your ass! Got that?"

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_bf266d05_zps8720c156.jpg
Getting no satisfaction from messing with F'lar the cow then went back into the dinning room and started picking on the pink sweater dormie.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_1f266d32_zps2ee128ea.jpg
Then he zapped shirtless dormie.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_7f266f20_zpsdb5578ce.jpg
To hell with this! Brekke's out and about again. This time she stopped at the coffee house in town. There she met steezie_k's Hawthorn Creelman. And almost immediately tells me she finds him utterly revolting!

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_5f26701a_zps1f4f9afb.jpg
It didn't stop him from following her around, even though she didn't say anything else to him at all.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_5f26712f_zps4ee3b71b.jpg
The coffee shop was rather dead so she headed for the mini mart. Hello again, Kent. What are you doing? Stalking your daughter?

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_5f267197_zpsb4a73ed7.jpg
Inside she greeted Nyx Randolph also by rikkulidea. Nyx was underwhelmed by Brekke.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_3f26722f_zps6e72930b.jpg
She then met Ares Randolph.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_df26723f_zpsaff540c5.jpg
He's all, 'oh, yeah, hot stuff!' but she was more, 'meh.' *sigh*

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_3f267404_zps26083e9d.jpg
Then Hyperion Randolph showed up! What is this? Do all the Randolphs hang out here?
Brekke: "Ooo, I really like this one!"
Yes, I can see that.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_1f26762d_zpsf6b1cb00.jpg
Back at the dorm I decided to use Menolly's one command to earn some Mechanical skill points. Something none of these kids learned. I figured she'd have a couple by the time she stopped and it might help her grades some.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_df2678bb_zps42853b54.jpg
F'nor decided he'd had enough of the cooks' food and decided to make his own breakfast.

Gen.1. uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_5f267918_zpsb6770e98.jpg
Hey, no one gave you permission to go eat with the students!
"He wants to cook, let him! I need a break now and then."

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_9f267e24_zps80f16f15.jpg
She only has one bolt with him but Brekke really, really, really wanted to go on a date with Hyperion so he was invited to come over.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_9f267d1e_zpse5459e1e.jpg

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_7f267ea5_zpse785b697.jpg

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_3f267f66_zps81cc80b0.jpg
they did all the usual date things.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_3f267e34_zps5ac8269c.jpg
First Kiss!

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_df267de4_zpscc3ef4d9.jpg
"Ow, my wrist!"
LOL! Really, Brekke?

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_ff267dfa_zpsbd772a13.jpg
The date ended when she had to go to class but if it wasn't a dream date it at least was a good one.

gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_9f268147_zpsd25f1805.jpg
I was surprised when, after the date ended, Hyperion decided to stick around.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_9f268294_zps11866c0c.jpg
Usually I don't worry too much when lightening hits the trees because the rain will put it out. This time, however, the lightening hit just as the rain was ending.

Gen 1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_ff26831a_zps865d61cf.jpg
And now half the dorm is outside dancing around the fucking thing. Shit!

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_df26832a_zps9558258b.jpg
Brekke was just about ready to go take her final exam. I had to actually cancel the action so I could send her to the phone to call the fire department then send her to class.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_7f268332_zps56e2bf21.jpg
She walked by all the panicking dormies and her own siblings without a care in the world. Fire's out, everything's good.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_3f268375_zps52d4a8ff.jpg
Until This happened. Oh Shit!

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_7f2683a4_zps0da21beb.jpg
Uh, Mr. Fireman? A little help?
Fireman: "You kids be careful now! Don't get too close to that tree, it may still be very hot!"

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_df268406_zpse9f702aa.jpg
I had no choice but to use F'nor's YA command to put his brother out! It would have taken too long for him to get to the stupid phone.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_bf2683e7_zps6e19eb46.jpg
It seemed to take him forever. I really thought I was going to lose F'lar! *sob*
Finally, finally, the fire went out.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_9f26866b_zps06c6914d.jpg
Almost as soon as the fire was out they got the call to go to their final exam (there's was about an hour after Brekke's). Menolly and F'nor left on their own.

Gen.1 uni photo snapshot_9f067d42_7f2684e9_zps56e1d0f2.jpg
But F'lar went in to get something to eat and promptly passed out in his food.
I couldn't help it, I had to peek at his stats. Holy crap he was so close to dying and he wasn't out of the woods yet!

 photo snapshot_9f067d42_9f46104c_zps73303e80.jpg
A little later Menolly and F'nor came back. Both of them passed. Menolly got an A+ and F'nor got a B.

 photo snapshot_9f067d42_5f26867a_zpsb5d592f5.jpg
But since he missed his final exam F'lar received an F.


Next time; Part two of University.

Torch Holders-2
Perma-platinum sims-0
Shrink visits-2
Social Bunny visits-0
Social Worker Visits-0
Accidental deaths-0
Pass outs-3
Self wettings-0
Special tombstones vs total-0

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Ha-ha-ha I love your legacy! My nerves couldn't stand up to playing an ISBI myself, but I love to read them. Menolly's creepy stalking was hilarious--especially, for some reason, when she was facing walls. Poor F'lar! What a run of bad luck. Hopefully he (or anyone else) won't end up killing himself on the exercise bike. Can't wait for more of the kids at uni!

Thanks for reading!

I don't know what to say about Menolly's stalking myself. And standing in the doorways, what's up with that?
F'lar scared the crap out of me. I thought he was a goner for sure. I thought about having F'nor call the fire department back but the way the nearest phone is in that dorm I know it would have taken him forever. So I took a chance that he could extinguish the fire in time. Plus I've seen how Sims rush to the phone when there's an emergency. "La-de-da-de-da, here I am strolling towards the phone as my brother burns to death. No need to rush." Yeah.:P

I hope to be able to get the rest of their Uni time done in one more post. Still have to get pics uploaded though.

"He is underwhelmed by her" - hahaha!

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