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Ferrisport Prosperity Challenge
This is a double post today. Yay! Two for the price of one!
Warnings: Some swearing?

Last time:
After taking forever to get pregnant Fern popped out twins. Extra long baking time, I suppose. Both boys and named Kashta and Kaseri. When last seen the boys had just aged into toddlers with Kashta looking downright cross-eyed!
Fern maxed her creativity. Garrett continued to chase most of the neighbors away with all his grilled cheese talk. All Except Jomeo Carr who kept showing up without being invited despite the fact that he can't stand talk about grilled cheese or Fern.

A note: This was the first house I played after finally getting a new computer. I was finally able to add the last two EPs to my game (my other computer threatened to implode if I tried running one of them) so I finally have Bon Voyage and Apartment Life added to my game. Also, I was going crazy because I could actually see DETAILS! OMG, the textures, the designs I hadn't been able to see anymore! So no more fuzzy outlines or shirts that can't be read! It does mean I had to go hunt up a lot of my CC again to download so clothing and hairstyles were misplaced or gone.
And that explains why, when I opened this lot, I found this:

FernG photo snapshot_d79aff8e_dc286f11_zps628a6984.jpg
Fern starts her day with an omelet, flies, a different hairstyle and an ugly dress.

Fern.G photo snapshot_d79aff8e_fc287115_zps9517656d.jpg
Kashta's awake!

FernG photo snapshot_d79aff8e_3c2871d2_zpsf663e495.jpg

FernG photo snapshot_d79aff8e_7c28720c_zpsa5de489f.jpg
Dad willingly gets both boys out of their cribs. Kashta has the light skintone and Kaseri has the green skintone. Let's see if I can do the whole update without mixing them up.

FernG photo snapshot_d79aff8e_3c28727c_zps5e05b4e3.jpg
I'll let her keep the hair but that dress had to go.

FernG. photo snapshot_d79aff8e_bc28735b_zps659e5e7f.jpg
Kashta is very impatient! Give you mother a chance she's coming!
Kashta: "Wanna eat NOW! NOW!"

FernG photo snapshot_d79aff8e_9c287387_zps8aef2b0e.jpg
"NO..oh, good."

FernG photo snapshot_d79aff8e_9c2873fa_zps7a51259a.jpg
Garrett potty trains the other twin.

FernG photo snapshot_d79aff8e_fc2877ad_zps596d9915.jpg
Since I finally got Apart.Life, I was finally able to use some of this stuff like the toddler table.
Kashta is the first to use it.

FernG. photo snapshot_d79aff8e_3c287731_zps43813219.jpg

FernG photo snapshot_d79aff8e_5c287775_zpse485ed02.jpg
That's a lovely "brown" scribble he's doing there...with a "green" crayon.

FernG photo snapshot_d79aff8e_7c287684_zps98a7101e.jpg
Kaseri tried it out, too.

FernG photo snapshot_d79aff8e_1c28795d_zpsf6d7928e.jpg
Garrett comes home with a promotion and a tanked fun level. They probably won't let him talk about grilled cheese while he's at work.

FernG photo snapshot_d79aff8e_fc287bb6_zpsfb863dd6.jpg

FernG photo snapshot_d79aff8e_fc287bc3_zps98a8fe20.jpg

fernG photo snapshot_d79aff8e_1c287bc7_zpscd8ffab2.jpg
I just Love this interaction!

FernG photo snapshot_d79aff8e_3c28a7d5_zpsff90bdae.jpg
Fern is at work and the twins are sleeping so Garrett takes some time out to paint and the nanny makes her move on Garrett. Last time she was staring holes into him.

FernG photo snapshot_d79aff8e_1c28a813_zpsdb9b3eda.jpg
Nanny: "I really admire your work there, sir. The colors are so rich."
Garrett: "Huh? What?"

fernG photo snapshot_d79aff8e_fc28a81c_zpsd0fcf391.jpg
Obviously the nanny has confused Garrett something terrible. (Best 'Durr' face, ever!)

FernG photo snapshot_d79aff8e_5c28a83b_zpsfe112359.jpg
Garrett: "What are you talking about, woman? I've barely even started! You have no idea what it is yet!"
Garrett was not impressed by the nanny's advances.

FernG photo snapshot_d79aff8e_9c28a896_zps28e634b5.jpg
However, she is willing to listen to him go on and on about Grilled Cheese. She was even willing to sit down with him and eat some for lunch.

Fern.g photo snapshot_d79aff8e_3c28ad42_zpsc5391dbd.jpg
Garrett: "All your flowery prose does not change my opinion of you, you know. I think it's very disgraceful, a person like you, charged with looking after someones children, should try to hit on me, a man with a wife and family!"

FernG photo snapshot_d79aff8e_7c28ad63_zps1495b567.jpg
"You should be ashamed of yourself!" *minus*

FernG photo snapshot_d79aff8e_7c28adc5_zpsb48996b3.jpg
Of course after a speech like that that's when Fern comes home with Hamlet Brown in tow and of course all the heart farting that follows a romance sim!

FernG photo snapshot_d79aff8e_1c28ae4b_zps2dcb4401.jpg
Fern: "...and the nurse says, 'well, if this is my thermometer, where did I leave my pen!'"
Oh, and here come the mooch, Jomeo Carr again. No, by all means, come on in!

FernG photo snapshot_d79aff8e_1c28aeb4_zpsbe42d2b9.jpg
Hamlet: "Oh, that joke is so funny! A-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!"
Oh, come on, Hamlet, it wasn't that good a joke and it's older than the hills to boot!

FernG photo snapshot_d79aff8e_9c28b05e_zps0c460312.jpg
Surprisingly, Hamlet is more than willing to listen to Garrett talk about Grilled Cheese also.
Wow, two people in one day, Garrett must be on cloud nine.

Ferng photo snapshot_d79aff8e_9c28b8e3_zps98acc2d4.jpg
The boys aged up! Kashta is first.

FernG photo snapshot_d79aff8e_9c28b912_zps6fee2f80.jpg
Followed by Kaseri.

FernG photo snapshot_d79aff8e_7c28b95b_zps83dbc037.jpg
Kashta's first order of business is finding a bathroom right now!

FernG photo snapshot_d79aff8e_dc28bb38_zps6425fa2b.jpg
Kaseri in his blue pajamas, in his blue room, with his new blue bed.

FernG photo snapshot_d79aff8e_dc28bc75_zpsf08bc64e.jpg
Kashta after a change of hairstyle and clothes. He still looks cross-eyed so he got glasses. He just had to! :)

FernG photo snapshot_d79aff8e_bc295d00_zps128acfbb.jpg
All four sims in this house have a OTH of Games. Great! My first family playing with A.L. and they all have the same hobby. I think the game console's going to get a workout.

FernG photo snapshot_d79aff8e_1c28be38_zps502baa54.jpg
Their first meal of real food? Why, grilled cheese? What else?

Fern rnd.11 photo snapshot_d79aff8e_1c29591c_zps7a4ccda8.jpg
Of course, all the grilled cheese does lead to other problems...

Fern G. rnd.11 photo snapshot_d79aff8e_bc295cf3_zps3f9a730d.jpg
As soon as the boys come home from school this is where they head.

Ferng.rnd.11 photo snapshot_d79aff8e_bc295e60_zps14f2a648.jpg
Garrett, ever the loving father, helps his son with his homework. He'll get to Kashta next.

FernG.rnd.11 photo snapshot_d79aff8e_9c295ffc_zps99e31074.jpg
Then, after the kids are settled for the evening, the parents get to play a little one-on-one.

FernG. Rnd11 photo snapshot_d79aff8e_3c29615b_zps92e9572e.jpg
And a few hours later they decide to engage in a slightly different kind of one-on-one.
Garrett: "Could you excuse us, please? We're about to get very busy. Leave now!"

FernG.rnd11 photo snapshot_d79aff8e_1c296131_zps1858a547.jpg
Sorry, visiting old dude, but, this is not a good time to try to talk to anyone through the teddy bear.
Come to think of it, there's never a good time to talk to anyone through the teddy bear!

FernG.Rnd11 photo snapshot_d79aff8e_1c296262_zps36053996.jpg
The next morning Kaseri decided he wanted to tease his brother.
Kaseri: "Ha, Ha! Your eyes are crooked and you have to wear glasses!"
Kashta: "Wha...Hey! That's not nice!"

FernG.Rnd11 photo snapshot_d79aff8e_1c29626b_zps2d052da2.jpg
Kashta: "Dad would tell you that's not very nice to say. Besides, I'm your brother. We should get a long."
Kaseri: "Because we're brothers we have to get along? What makes you say that? Why would you believe that?"
Kashta: "Because I'm your twin and I know you."

FernG.Rnd11 photo snapshot_d79aff8e_bc296251_zps09f5e310.jpg
Kashta: "Now, give me a great big brotherly hug!"
Kaseri: "Eeeeewwwww! Heck no!"

FernG.Rnd11 photo snapshot_d79aff8e_5c2963c3_zps618860a2.jpg
Radio announcer: "And this bulletin just in... due to the heavy snowfall yesterday the Ferrisport school is closed today.
You heard right, no school today, it's a snow day."
Both boys: "YAY! Alright!"
And so ended the brief strife between these two.

FernG.Rnd11 photo snapshot_d79aff8e_1c296440_zps27c82028.jpg
Well, if they've got a snow day they shouldn't waste it. Kaseri built a snowman.

FernG.Rnd11 photo snapshot_d79aff8e_fc2964c5_zpsf6559ae6.jpg
An evil snowman! >:D

FernG.Rnd11 photo snapshot_d79aff8e_bc296592_zpsba8bc950.jpg
Kashta had a snowball fight with Fern.

FernG.Rnd11 photo snapshot_d79aff8e_fc29661b_zpsee1b32ec.jpg

FernG.Rnd11 photo snapshot_d79aff8e_3c296614_zpsf093327a.jpg

FernG.Rnd11 photo snapshot_d79aff8e_7c2965e7_zps86c6aa7d.jpg
Kashta: "Gotcha, Mom! I'm too fast for you! You better watch out! I'll bean ya with another one! Betcha ya can't get me!"

 photo snapshot_d79aff8e_9c2965c8_zps537e75f0.jpg
Fern: "You gotta be faster with your feet and not your lips, son!"

FernG.Rnd11 photo snapshot_d79aff8e_bc29665f_zps68fc7193.jpg
Garrett came home from work and joined in the fun.

FernG.Rnd11 photo snapshot_d79aff8e_9c29664c_zpse9a020e7.jpg
For one, brief, glorious moment, I actually had the whole family out there engaged in the snowball fight.

FernG.Rnd11 photo snapshot_d79aff8e_7c296677_zpsbda6ef19.jpg
That is, until Fern made a mad dash for the house with this over her head.

FernG.Rnd11 photo snapshot_d79aff8e_5c2966d6_zpse0d15023.jpg
Guess she didn't take that long to get pregnant the second time as the first.

FernG.Rnd11 photo snapshot_d79aff8e_5c29683e_zps50ccc1e3.jpg
Nothing beats a hot cup of chocolate after running around in the snow all afternoon.

FernG.Rnd11 photo snapshot_d79aff8e_dc29693b_zpsf430cdd7.jpg
Penguin: "You don't know math? How is it you don't know math? Everyone should have the basics at the very least!"
Snowman: "Because I'm a damned snowman you idiot!"

FernG.Rnd11 photo snapshot_d79aff8e_5e4f2510_zpse163e7d2.jpg
Games may be his OTH but I think music might be his true love. Kashta is always playing the violin.

FernG.Rnd11 photo snapshot_d79aff8e_fc296dc5_zpscd19eb42.jpg
Looks like a sibling is definitely on the way! That means next time I'll have to do some remodeling.

Last time:
Gooseberry had a boy named Faben who was a child by the end of the update and Malek was born.
The nanny tried to wrench Faben from his Mother's arms and caused an interesting glitch.
A second dog was purchased and his name was Moody. He an Roxy were encouraged to give me Puppies!
At the end of the update Roxy was pregnant.

GooseberryRnd11 photo snapshot_b8ab8b4f_5c2e9d95_zpse91a1c8a.jpg
Faben spends his time playing in the puddles. Nice. Especially since I think that's a piss puddle and not a rain one.

Gooseberry Rnd11 photo snapshot_b8ab8b4f_bc2e9f48_zps447bc2f2.jpg
Jackpot! I has Puppies!

GooseberryRnd11 photo snapshot_b8ab8b4f_1c2ea019_zps280322da.jpg
Roxy gave me not my usual one or two but Four puppies! And they proved impossible to all get in one shot!
She had two boys, Angst and Cyber, and two girls, Ruby and Bella.

GooseberryRnd11 photo snapshot_b8ab8b4f_bc2ea227_zpsd039ecba.jpg
Really, I tried so hard to get a picture of all of them at once but the most I could get was three. Someone was always just out of shot or somewhere else completely. Two are brown and two are white.

Of course, where there are puppies, there are sims playing with them!

Gooseberry Rnd11 photo snapshot_b8ab8b4f_7c2ea1a9_zps03457db3.jpg

Gooseberry Rdn11 photo snapshot_b8ab8b4f_fc2ea199_zps43899f82.jpg

Gooseberry Rnd11 photo snapshot_b8ab8b4f_5c2ea436_zps190c1b03.jpg

GooseberryRnd11 photo snapshot_b8ab8b4f_3c2eb5ae_zpsb898ce00.jpg
Everybody loves the puppies! Even grumpy Ethan can't find something to grumble about with a puppy in his hands.

GooseberryRnd11 photo snapshot_b8ab8b4f_bc2ea2ee_zps4770bb4c.jpg
Roxy finds it difficult to keep up with her brood. As I said, they're never all in the same place at one time.

Gooseberry Rnd11 photo snapshot_b8ab8b4f_5c2ead06_zps51837287.jpg
And then Gooseberry heads off to work with one of the pups in her hand.

Gooseberry Rnd11 photo snapshot_b8ab8b4f_5c2ead15_zps030abc8f.jpg
I don't think that's a really good way to carry a puppy, Goose! Please put him down!

Gooseberry Rnd11 photo snapshot_b8ab8b4f_1c2eafa6_zpsf521295f.jpg
Ethan entertains the pups by dancing for them.
Gooseberry returns home: "Yay! Puppies"

Gooseberry Rnd11 photo snapshot_b8ab8b4f_7c2eb928_zpsc56cf0f2.jpg
Goose invited her father, Clay, over so he could meet his grandchildren. I think it's been awhile since he last saw Gooseberry or her family.

Gooseberry Rnd11 photo snapshot_b8ab8b4f_3c2eba6e_zps8598af32.jpg
And, of course, he made a beeline for his very stinky and ready to transform grandchild, Malek.

Gooseberry Rnd11 photo snapshot_b8ab8b4f_fc2ecd28_zps10f8b22c.jpg
I'm not sure if Faben has his father's nose or if he got Grandpa Clays nose.

Gooseberry Rnd11 photo snapshot_b8ab8b4f_bc2ec40a_zps91701874.jpg
Puppies start growing up all over the place! This is Ruby. She looks a lot like her father.

GooseberryRnd11 photo snapshot_b8ab8b4f_5c2ec2f8_zpsc2e888e3.jpg
This is Bella and she looks just like Ruby except for the fact she has one white leg.

EthanD. Rnd11,gen.2 photo snapshot_b8ab8b4f_dc2ec2bd_zps777bf9cf.jpg
And Angst. I'm sensing a very strong pattern here. :(

Gooseberry Rnd11 photo snapshot_b8ab8b4f_bc2ec281_zps85cf243d.jpg
Last was Cypber who harkens back to Lyra's marking somewhat.

Gooseberry rnd11 photo snapshot_b8ab8b4f_dc2ec649_zps33bddec1.jpg
I can not say how much I love nannies who ignore the toddlers and let them play in puddles of piss. Outside. In the snow.

Gooseberry Rnd11 photo snapshot_b8ab8b4f_9c2ec693_zpsd14eac86.jpg
This is Malek as a toddler, by the way. I seem to have misplaced a transition picture.
He is a Taurus, stats 10-7-6-10-1.
I'm willing to bet he got that one nice point from his father!

EthanD.rnd11gen2 photo snapshot_b8ab8b4f_dc2ec920_zps6e458459.jpg
I'll end this very short update with three of the dogs leaving for the pound. the family are keeping Cyber, the only one with a little variation. I was hoping to see more of Roxy's coloring in them but alas, it's not to be.
Thanks for reading!

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A lot of work with so many puppies, but at least they seem to be well taken care of!

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