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The Tattersal ISBI
 photo 39a0b2e3-3411-49a6-adcd-1fca7993f2d4_zps1a805b74.jpg

Hey, now, welcome back!
Last time the pressure got to Kent and he had two nervous breakdowns. On a related note, he kept burning every meal he made.
Gloria worked so hard she fell asleep in her food.
For a change of pace they had a family outing day which went pretty well except for the evil witch, the lightning, and stranger sims that just have to kiss other sim's kids!
The girls became teens and grew up well.
Brekke maxed out her logic skill and Gloria became an elder.
And there was smustling morning, noon and night.
So let's get started on this episode.
some swearing.

Gen.1.6 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_9f02795b_zps983df396.jpg
It's 2:30 AM and Brekke is outside playing chess. Nothing new there, that's how she maxed her points.

Gen.1.6 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_ff02799f_zpsb104aaa2.jpg
She does have a most awesome concentration face, though!

Gen.1.6 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_bf0279e8_zps3a7cfb56.jpg
The boys are eating grilled cheese. Again, nothing new with that.

Gen.1.6 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_9f027a05_zpse568d4b1.jpg

Gen.1.6 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_1f027a08_zps2a57b161.jpg
Menolly has discovered the awesomeness that is her reflection.
I still think Kent has her beat with the duck face, though.

Gen.1.6 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_bf027ad9_zps75f5fae8.jpg

Gen.1.6 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_ff027adf_zps3e180fd9.jpg
I have four teenagers and only two mirrors. I think I'm going to need more mirrors!

Gen.1.6 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_5f027b4b_zps3372b803.jpg
Only the adults have enough sense to be asleep at this hour, even if it is in separate beds.
Menolly and F'lar don't care about that, though, and decide that the parents bedroom is the perfect place to play kicky bag.

Gen.1.6 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_bf027bee_zps0618dc24.jpg

Gen.1.6 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_3f027c07_zps3fe19d76.jpg
F'lar has no remorse, either.

Gen.1.6 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_7f027cdb_zps2bd7b500.jpg

Gen.1.6 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_ff027cb5_zpsefc78e65.jpg

Gen.1.6 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_3f027c98_zps7f82dd02.jpg
There are other rooms in the house, guys. Feel free to check them out.

Gen.1.6 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_7f027d25_zpse11909e8.jpg
Menolly left but the boys continue to play rock-paper-scissors until Gloria wakes up.

Gen.1.6 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_bf027dd3_zps5fc61fa0.jpg
Gloria: "Ugh. Tell me again why I wanted kids?"
Because you want 6 grandchildren? And to have grandchildren you need to have kids first! And I don't want one sim having 6 kids alone.

Gen.1.6 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_3f027e0e_zpsbea66376.jpg
Gloria: "Good morning, boys! Now if you don't mind moving out of the way Mommy really, really has to pee!"

Gen.1.6 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_1f027edd_zps5240d45d.jpg
F'nor finally got that coveted A+! Now if he can only keep his grades up until they go to college.

Gen.1.6 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_5f0282e0_zpsca342cd1.jpg
Gloria got a good chance card and earned 3 charisma points and 1 body point. That was great but none of them count towards another promotion.

Gen.1.6 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_bf028035_zps527d4ce2.jpg
3 out of 4 kids brought friends home with them...and they all got stuck on the bus because of this asshole.

Gen.1.6 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_9f0280a7_zpsb0287249.jpg
When they finally got dumped out on the street they all began to smustle.

Gen.1.6 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_9f0280e8_zpsac5aa6ce.jpg

Gen.1.6 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_9f0280dd_zps7cb44e5f.jpg
None of them have any rhythm what so ever.

Gen.1.6 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_1f028057_zpsb815905a.jpg
Meanwhile all the Tattersal kids are inside acting like themselves.

Gen.1.6 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_3f028173_zps2710293d.jpg
And then they all head off to bed leaving their guests to smustle on the front yard.

Gen.1.6 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_7f028220_zps69309c3b.jpg
Kent: "Um...this...this isn't one of mine, is it?"
No, that's a visitor.
"Good! Good. I thought I'd lost count of them for a moment."
Kent might get through this chapter without needing the services of the shrink if he could stop burning his food.
Still, he's hanging on by a thread, I think.

Gen.1.6 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_7f0283be_zps40f1cab0.jpg
Gloria: "One day, after you finish college, you will get married and start your own family and you will help me achieve my Lifetime Want!"
Brekke: "Oh, Goodie! I can't wait until I get older and can stay up all night with wailing babies and change stinky diapers! It's just so much fun!"

Gen.1.6 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_5f0283a6_zpsf55b885f.jpg
Gloria: "...You know, considering the circumstances all of you turned out rather well. And since you want to be such a smart ass you can go out there and do your homework."

Gen.1.6 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_5f028530_zps2af368c2.jpg
Menolly's command was used to do her homework. I want all their grades to be as good as possible because they'll all be heading for college very soon.

Gen.1.6 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_5f0287d6_zpsb76d6fed.jpg
I turn my back on her for only a minute and she's off to sleep in one of the kid's beds.

Gen.1.6 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_bf0287b7_zpsddad2a9e.jpg
Having finished her homework Menolly turns her attention to painting.

Gen.1.6 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_ff028a0d_zps5ad41270.jpg
While Brekke paints the boys do what they do best. Be macho.

Gen.1.6 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_9f028a70_zps0c27d9c8.jpg
That is, until F'lar punches way too hard.

Gen.1.6 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_bf028a7c_zps352ec1ca.jpg
F'nor: "Damn, F'lar! It's 'punch me' not 'break your brother's arm'!"
F'lar: "Sorry, dude, I don't know my own strength sometimes."
Yeah, right.

Gen.1.6 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_9f028b2e_zps72803af0.jpg
Brekke: "Hey, you silly guys, come here and have some Toaster pastries! I cooked them myself!"
See, that, Kent, and she doesn't even have any cooking points.

Gen.1.6 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_df028bc8_zps009f24cd.jpg
How about that. All the family is together for breakfast. That is a first.

Gen.1.6 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_5f028c0e_zps5bfd4810.jpg
It's the last day of winter and the game decided to drop 3 feet of snow on them overnight!

Gen.1.6 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_bf02919a_zpsa3c444dc.jpg
Kent spends his day off doing...what else?

Gen.1.6 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_9f0291f8_zps4be5d4bf.jpg
I missed it but he maxed his logic skill! See? no progress thing-y!

Gen.1.6 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_7f0665ac_zps6a735c17.jpg
Gloria returned from work and had fun playing in the snow with a co-worker.

It was time for the boys to head off to University and the girls went with them because I didn't want to wait any longer basically.
Of course, that means it's not time for me to choose an heir. That wasn't so easy. I like all four of them!
Before I choose let's see them all in Uni and with their stats.

Gen.1.ui photo f3635865-0e01-421d-97d8-fa1ba48e78e5_zps24f643ae.jpg

Gen.1.uni photo 04e323ad-4118-4617-babd-dbe06556cbf3_zpsc7dd8d7c.jpg

Gen.1 uni photo 42b104c1-9aac-4298-9e18-69d64fd6dc73_zps4fa2cc0b.jpg
All the kids managed to get the Tsang Footwork Award. Go figure, right?

Gen.1 uni photo 9b470684-061c-4a14-9334-f3c97acbdba9_zps3c20db6c.jpg
I was torn between F'lar and Brekke but I finally went with....
BREKKE! She will be the new torch holder and the only controllable in Uni.
In the end I chose her because she has a lot of her Mother's genes and I really hate doing F'lar's LTW.
This was a short update. Next time the kids will be ready to start University! Yay?

Torch Holders-1
Perma-platinum sims-0
Shrink visits-2
Social Bunny visits-0
Social Worker Visits-0
Accidental deaths-0
Pass outs-2
Self wettings-0
Special tombstones vs total-0


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Good choice of heir. It will probably be pretty simple to keep her happy. Will you move them all back or cut the others loose after uni?


I want to move them into the neighborhood so they can each have a kid or two for Gloria's LTW of having 6 grandkids. I can't imagine one sim having all 6 and Gloria living long enough!

I think Brekke was a great choice for heiress! She's beautiful and is definitely my favorite of the 4. I've never played this kind of challenge, but it seems very fun. May have to give it a go sometime!

Thank-you. Yes, she is beautiful. It was still a hard choice; I really liked F'lar a lot also. But once Brekke grew up, yeah, I just had to go with her.

Playing an ISBI is fun/frustrating. Frustrating if you tend to micromanage your sims and now you can't, and fun to see if they'll actually do the things they should do (like go to school/work) without your help. I wanted to do one because I love to read them, also.

Great legacy, ISBI's are so fun to read/play. Looking forward to reading more :)

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