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Prosperity Challenge
This will be a very short update with Doreen and Aurora Brown.
Doreen is the second child of Mercedes Brown.
Last time:
Epona was stalked by Danielle Despret.
They adopted a second child, another girl named Laurel.
Epona transitioned into childhood and so did Laurel.
They bought a new kitten named Popcorn.
Round 11, Gen.2
None really.

D.Brown photo snapshot_f8a24aec_5bb0be75_zpsa609328b.jpg

Everytime the girls wake up they wave hello to each other.

 photo snapshot_f8a24aec_1bb02367_zpsf6f58e71.jpg
It took forever for Doreen to find her LTW career. She is now in the Law career. Due to a good chance card she was promoted to Entertainment Attorney. Aurora was also promoted to Fashion Photographer.

D.Brown photo snapshot_f8a24aec_dbb0316c_zps46b2689a.jpg
Aurora and Doreen celebrate their promotions the way they always do; with deep kisses, groping and possibly woohoo later on!

D.brown photo snapshot_f8a24aec_1e434ace_zps2f83f952.jpg
Aurora wanted a new car, so here it is!
Doreen:"I don't think that's what Aurora had in mind."
Don't care. Your hobby is tinkering so you can fix it for her! That will make her happy!
"Thanks a lot!"

D.brown photo snapshot_f8a24aec_7bb0349b_zpsb231a423.jpg
Cute and smart! Laurel has everything! Except a chin.

 photo snapshot_f8a24aec_bbb036cb_zpsf50d7db4.jpg
See what I mean by no chin? Anyway, it's a nice family dinner and the conversation is even pleasant.

D.brown photo snapshot_f8a24aec_7bb035af_zps8234cf5f.jpg
Doreen plays with Popcorn.

D.brown photo snapshot_f8a24aec_3bb0c086_zpse524b272.jpg
And then Popcorn grows up! He's a very handsome looking cat. And the first thing he does?

D.brown photo snapshot_f8a24aec_3bb0c114_zpsad183dd0.jpg
He picks a fight with a random wolf!

D.brown photo snapshot_f8a24aec_dbb0c12c_zps5d80faa3.jpg
It didn't end too well for poor Popcorn. :(

D.brown photo snapshot_f8a24aec_5bb0c2e2_zps2b4e162e.jpg
When everyone gets home there's mad hugging and kissing and hand waving!

D.brown photo snapshot_f8a24aec_7bb0c61a_zps599121eb.jpg
Doreen invited her mother, Mercedes, over because she really wanted to see her. She talked for a bit, told a joke or two.

D.brown photo snapshot_f8a24aec_dbb0c5d3_zps377717d2.jpg
And then promptly went to bed!

D.brown photo snapshot_f8a24aec_5bb0c5c6_zpsfb2136a1.jpg
Mercedes: "What the hell kind of visit was that?"
Don't ask me, I'm just the fulfiller of wishes, that's all.

D.brown photo snapshot_f8a24aec_7bb0cc17_zpsffbc33de.jpg
They got another cat to keep Popcorn company. this is Chelsea.

D.brown photo snapshot_f8a24aec_5bb0cc2b_zpsd201dcea.jpg
Chelsea starts off well by going and using the scratching post instead of the couch.

D.brown photo snapshot_f8a24aec_dbb0cd27_zps6155ad90.jpg
Unfortunately the first thing she does when she sees Popcorn is to hiss at him! I am bound and determined to get one of my cat pairs to procreate! Why don't any of you Like each other?

D.brown photo snapshot_f8a24aec_5bb0cfa9_zps1550d9b3.jpg
The nanny actually took pretty good care of the kids but she's a bit of a tool with adults. She's always trying to pull pranks on people and Aurora has had it with her.

D.brown photo snapshot_f8a24aec_7bb0cf70_zps7de91322.jpg
Finally! I sim that actually scowled when firing a nanny! Go Aurora!

D.brown photo snapshot_f8a24aec_dbb0d5d7_zpsa0af922e.jpg
We really don't need her anymore because Epona has become a teenager!
Her aspiration is Family, secondary is Knowledge. Her hobby is sports and her LTW is to become Mayor.
Her turn ons are fitness and custom hair and her turn off is jewelry.

 photo snapshot_f8a24aec_7bb1f74f_zps69f8da8f.jpg
Her first meal as a teen? Pop Tarts! Why am I not surprised?

D.brown photo snapshot_f8a24aec_9bb1f7a8_zpsb2184475.jpg
During breakfast she imparts the importance of maintaining good grades to her sister.

D.brown photo snapshot_f8a24aec_5bb1fade_zpsf0c1fda7.jpg
She brought Uriah Graham home with her from school.

D.brown photo snapshot_f8a24aec_9bb1faea_zps10488fca.jpg
Oh, yes, That look will impress the boys!

D.brown photo snapshot_f8a24aec_9bb1feb8_zps5ca1466e.jpg
They decide to go out in the snow and play chess.

D.brown photo snapshot_f8a24aec_dbb1fef2_zps912ee89d.jpg
Epona: "I'm going to run Ferrisport one of these days. You watch and see. I'll make some big changes when I get into office.

D.brown photo snapshot_f8a24aec_bbb1fecb_zps2967f6ba.jpg
Oh I think she was made for politics. Look she's cheating at chess and didn't get caught!

D.brown photo snapshot_f8a24aec_dbb2002e_zpsbbb2801a.jpg
Sterling, this is not the proper time to try to talk to Doreen through the rabbitbear.

 photo snapshot_f8a24aec_bbb20040_zps79dc8736.jpg
I said, it's not the proper time!

Sorry this update was so short but they really didn't do too much!

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Rabbitbear looks scary, while Epona looks great despite her "scary face"

LOL! Rabbitbear is pretty harmless, don't worry.

Despite Epona being strictly Maxis random genes she's not too bad. I've seen worse from the adoption pool. Laurel, on the other hand, is a Pixel_trade sim. I downloaded a few some time ago and aged them down to add to the adoption pool. Problem is, I have no clue who she is! I now I wrote the information down some where but I've misplaced it.

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