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The Tattersal ISBI legacy
 photo 9e55d7d2-29ce-4211-a901-5a3965c6acf2_zpsba35aa3b.jpg
Insanity, stupidity, swearing, and pedo-sims.

Welcome back!
Last time:
The nanny tortured me and my toddlers.
Brekke and Menolly transitioned into childhood well.
Everybody loves Everybody! Everybody Loves to Smustle!
F'lar and F'nor became well adjusted teens.
The nanny tried to poison the family with bad food but her attempt failed.
Kent set the kitchen on fire and everybody thinks Menolly Smells Bad!

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_1ecc7208_zpsbf33c372.jpg
If they aren't eating or sleeping they're smustling. Morning, noon and night!

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_fecc71a2_zps7ce1f4b4.jpg
F'lar and Brekke: 'Yeah!"

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_3ecc727e_zps711db2cc.jpg
The call to breakfast breaks up the smustlefest.

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_becc730a_zps14009ff5.jpg
Kent imparts some fatherly wisdom on his children.
"Remember, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you! You never know what's sneaking up behind you."
Being an ISBI spouse is really starting to get to you, isn't it, Kent?

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_3ecc73b4_zps7d35a52c.jpg
The school bus came and the boys got on alright but Brekke, like her brother F'nor before her, thought this an excellent time to take a bath.

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_5ecc8680_zps3f3a1990.jpg
And Menolly went to bed after being awake all night long.

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_3ecc764a_zps43b0b417.jpg
Gloria was at work, everything was quiet and then suddenly I hear Kent burst out crying! I find him in the bedroom with an ominous -500 floating over his head. What?...

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_5ecc76ca_zps4774a4f2.jpg
And then the boys got home from school and I get the message that F'nor's grades are in the toilet.
Kent must have had a fear about this.

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_7ecc76d7_zps09f1be10.jpg
*F'nor stomps offending report card into the ground*

 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_9ecc7723_zps4a6e6eed.jpg
And Kent loses his mind! :(

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_5ecc77b4_zps51858152.jpg
Cluck Like A Chicken! B'wak, B'wak, B'wak!

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_3ecc77f5_zpse0f19219.jpg
F'nor:"Dad? Who are you talking to? Dad?"

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_5ecc774a_zpsa04c1fcb.jpg
"Out of my mind. Be back in 5."
Five what? Minutes? Hours? Days??

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_5ecc7853_zpsc4d120fd.jpg
F'nor: "Bwaaah! My grades suck and I think I drove dad crazy!"
Not completely, dear. You just gave him that last little push that sent him over the edge.

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_becc78f9_zps487d1e8c.jpg
What the...who the hell are you? Gloria sent the nanny packing as soon as the girls became children! We don't need no nanny! What is it with the nannys in my game never staying fired?

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_7ecc7945_zpsf3d3dd77.jpg
Well, she is a different one. Maybe she's not as stupid as the last one. Oh, Please don't let her be that stupid!

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_7ecc79c9_zpsee474ef0.jpg
The first thing she does is corner F'lar in the bathroom to talk about camping.

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_3ecc79ce_zpscf1b2a67.jpg
F'lar:"Ooo, tents and cold and bugs! No thank you! I'd rather play a good game of catch!"

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_7ecc7af5_zps2332ea3d.jpg
So she goes and tries talking to Kent about camping.

Gen.1.,5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_5ecc7b02_zpsd42251de.jpg
Kent:"Please, I've got enough on my mind without listening to your crap, okay? Just leave me alone."

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_fecc7e93_zpsc78e18c9.jpg
F'nor and Brekke are outside playing chess in the dark. F'nor has played enough that the hobby guy arrives.
In the meantime the LOTP is digging a pit trap just outside the door. Really, wolf?

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_3ecc7f2b_zps090f54ce.jpg
Super Secret Gamer Guy: "Hello there, young man! I'd like to invite you to my Super Secret Gaming Lot! But you can't tell anyone else 'cause it's a secret, okay?"
F'nor:"Ah, sure, I guess."
SSGG:"Great! See you there sometime!"

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_becc7f40_zps956b676e.jpg
F'nor: "How come my brother got a hot babe and I get...that?"
LOTP:*How should I know, kid? I'm too busy digging this hole.*

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_fecc7fb9_zps662f6af7.jpg
Brekke manages to distract the LOTP from his hole digging by offering to play fetch with him.

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_becc803a_zpsb501e166.jpg
Poor Gloria! Between working at her job everyday and then staying up late to try to get the kids through their homework she's exhausted. WAKE UP, GLORIA!

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_becc8080_zpse2a2ce7b.jpg
"Uh? What?"

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_decc80a1_zps7737c55b.jpg
"Ouch, I've got citrus juice up my nose."
Try not to fall asleep in your food next time.

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_1ecc80d8_zps1336fad6.jpg
The girls are studying, just not the kind of studying they need to be doing.

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_decf765d_zpsc69c29d8.jpg
Kent's doing really well this fine morning!

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_5ecc8340_zpscd51e052.jpg
Despite only getting a few hours of sleep both girls managed to get on the bus and go to school this morning.

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_9ecc84d1_zps0c98c084.jpg
When he got home F'nor's teen command was used to get him to finish up his homework. He's got to have the worst grades of all the kids.

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_5ecc8512_zps1a549e62.jpg

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_7ecc84fd_zps9b0034b8.jpg
Both of the girl's grades are going up but you'd never know it by the looks on their faces.

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_9ecc85a1_zpsaf2a7eea.jpg
Menolly runs outside to give her father a hug when he gets home. Aww!

Gen.15 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_becc85ca_zps39217a42.jpg
Kent:"Hey, congratulations on having two best friends, sweetie, even if they are both family!"

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_5ecc8675_zps12c319f9.jpg
And shortly after that both girls wind up crashed out in the boy's bedroom. Great! That probably means they'll be awake most of the night again! GRRRR!

 photo 497b9a5a-c15b-49a4-ac85-d988146d359e_zpsbe0b2e8d.jpg
These kids smustle so much they even smustle when the radio is Turned Off!

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_3ecf6d9f_zps4afa458b.jpg
F'nor is just getting up for the day and Brekke is just heading to bed. Man, I wish these kids would get on more decent schedule!

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_9ecf6dda_zps685bb1b5.jpg
Kent! Don't break your sons neck! I haven't picked an heir yet! Can't you two do something not so violent?

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_9ecf6e6d_zpsf2a11c7f.jpg
Well that's better...I think.

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_5ecf6fa8_zpsd99ce2be.jpg
Hey, the kids got a new bus driver.
Bus Driver:"No, I've been driving this route for years!"
No, they had a male driver last time I rem...

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_decf6fae_zps89de240a.jpg
"For Years!" :D:D
Okay, have it your way! Creepy!

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_decf70ed_zps364b991b.jpg
Finally, Brekke manages to bring home the allusive A+!

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_7ecf7195_zpsc02a8710.jpg
Kent:"This calls for a celebration! Everybody Smustle!"
Since when do you guys need a reason to smustle?
Kent:"Nanny! Come join us!"

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_fecf71a6_zps1738a4d1.jpg
"Oh, great! They're one of 'those' kinds of families."
If you mean they don't need you to make them happy, then, yes, they are.

 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_1ecf735d_zps4ee938a4.jpg
Dammit, Kent, don't start this shit again!

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_3ecf738e_zps8068d026.jpg
Get back to that stove! Where do you think you're going?

 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_3ecf73bc_zps43bd5438.jpg
Oh, just great! Two in one update! Thanks a lot, Kent!

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_1ecf740c_zps821bd17d.jpg

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_7ecf7418_zpsf5ee6547.jpg
He's lost it big time now.

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_fecf74e1_zps0e33a6cb.jpg
F'lar:"Hey, Mom, I think dad's gone completely cuckoo!"

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_fecf7442_zps9186a418.jpg
Gloria:"Now, don't make fun of your father, F'lar. He's been going through a lot of stress lately. It hasn't been easy for him."

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_decf7547_zpsb8588e6c.jpg
Gloria: "He is nuttier than a fruitcake, though."

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_9ecc82e4_zpsbcace72d.jpg
And here comes the volleyball again.

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_decc82cc_zpsbcef9bf7.jpg
Kent: "Ooo! Ooo! I know! Pick me! Pick me! Pickmepickmepickmepickme!"
Kent has definitely tripped over that fine line of sanity and is on the other side for the moment.

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_3ecf7a19_zps841b12d0.jpg
It's Saturday and today is going to be Family Outing Day! Yay! Everybody will be going except Kent, who had to go to work.

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_7ecf7a86_zpsd95908d5.jpg
Brekke: "Do we have to do this?"
F'nor: "Would you rather stay at home alone with the nanny, or, maybe with Dad while he talks to his volleyball?"
Brekke: "You're right, what are we waiting for!"

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_7ecf7a5d_zpsdf7b8705.jpg
Well will you look at who's driving the taxi? Their ex-busdriver!
"Please leave me alone! I'll get a restraining order if I have to!"

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_9ecf7b38_zpsc4b8a6e9.jpg
They decide to go to Central Park West.

 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_decf7b63_zpsb429343c.jpg
Photobombing townies strike again!

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_5ecf7be4_zpsf885fcd2.jpg
Gloria makes a bee-line for the chess table. Really?
"The kids are always using ours at home."

 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_1ecf7c7f_zps5184a97e.jpg
F'nor made a bee-line for the food stand. "Do you have any grill cheese?"
F'nor seldom thinks of anything else besides grilled cheese.

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_3ecf7cd9_zps0c9d5430.jpg
Of course the girls play catch together. To be fair there were no other children there to play with.

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_5ecf7dec_zps00eaa520.jpg
The game lag announces the arrival of a witch onto the lot. An evil witch. Just my luck. :/

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_9ecf7e45_zps5a778080.jpg
What the hell happened to my override for your face? It's not supposed to be

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_5ecf7e6d_zpsfd03c858.jpg
Ah, girls, this might not be the best time (or place) for a game of Mary-Mack. Girls?

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_9ecf7e95_zps81c70f74.jpg
Shit! That is way too close!

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_3ecf7ec4_zpse5fbc760.jpg
F'nor observes the lightening crash down so close to his sisters they should feel the electric charge.

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_7ecf7ed5_zps29eaa4cc.jpg
Thirty seconds later; "AAAHHH!"
Nice one, F'nor.

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_5ecf801b_zps27b87541.jpg
Brekke: "Hello there, Miss! My name is Brekke Tattersal and I'm happy to make your acquaintance."
Menolly: "Uh, what are you doing, sis?"
Brekke: "Being friendly, what's it look like?"

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_fecf80b9_zps504f1d10.jpg
Menolly: "I think we should go find Mom now."
Brekke: "See I was wondering if you carry any business cards or something 'cause I'm one of four kids in a legacy family and if things don't go well for me I may want to look you up in a few more years. Think you can help me out?"
Evil Witch: "..."
(I didn't write her name down. :) )

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_fecf8045_zpse3f36daa.jpg
Menolly: "Ah! Roaches!" I find the evil witches rather annoying because of this.

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_3ecf81d8_zps64b5211f.jpg
While the girls chat it up with the witch F'lar has found someone his own age to talk to.

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_7ecf816f_zps64dccba5.jpg
Gloria, meanwhile, shares a joke with F'nor.

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_3ecf82a8_zps0e17e63b.jpg
It's getting late so they leave the park. They have one more stop to make before heading home. The Grocery store to pick up some more food.

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_fecf8320_zps24f926ca.jpg
Brekke is really not clear on the concept of "stranger danger" as she introduces herself to every person she sees.

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_3ecf836e_zps235a541f.jpg

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_5ecf835d_zps15a19000.jpg
Gloria: "Brekke, what are you doing?"
Brekke: "Nothing, Mother, why?"
Gloria: "I just got this strange feeling is all. You alright?"
Brekke: "Yes, I am. Can we get some peanut butter?"
The other kids are staying occupied.

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_7ecf8415_zpse05f2684.jpg

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_decf83d9_zpsb26e500c.jpg
F'nor finds a younger child to interact with.

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_5ecf84d4_zps4810b6a4.jpg
I'd be careful how close you stand there, Brekke. If Menolly swings back far enough you could lose your teeth.
"Nonsense! Menolly would never hurt me. I'm her sister."
If you say so.

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_becf84af_zps8c0711b0.jpg
F'lar made the best use of the playground equipment.

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_3ecf847c_zps03104bf2.jpg
F'nor just chilled on the swing with Menolly.
As the sun began to set it was time for the family to head back home.

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_fecf8696_zps2f97f77f.jpg
Once back at home the family sat down to a nice meal of toaster pastries! Yum!

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_1ecf8aa9_zps93500697.jpg
Kent comes home and lets me know he thinks this past week has been terrible. Yeah, two breakdowns in as many days will do that to you. Of course, standing around with you feet in that position isn't doing much to make the next week any better.

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_becf8b6b_zpsa22b2a00.jpg
After having spent the day with her kids, Gloria now spends some time with her hubby.

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_decf8b97_zps604dacde.jpg

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_9ecf8b8a_zpsacdca229.jpg
Now if only he had a want for stuff like this he might just pull himself out of his slump.

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_becf8dd4_zps29a18626.jpg
Then there's always his boys to play punch me, punch you with.

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_becf8dfa_zpscb22477f.jpg
Kent and F'nor: "Ow, my hand!"
LOL at the simultaneous wrist pain!

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_3ecf8f60_zpsf1c136ff.jpg
Again with the fucking hobby people interrupting homework!
UHP: "Hello there, little girl! A little bird told me you really like games! We hope to see you on our super secret hobby site one day. Just show this card at the door.
How secret can it be when most of the family have been visited by you by this time?

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_3ecf8f79_zps57ad6aa5.jpg
Gloria: "I'm getting really sick and tired of these stupid people just barging in!"
You and me both!

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_becf9070_zps6817d6f1.jpg
Aw, crap! Who the hell knocked the trash can over?

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_1ecf90a9_zps800d8c0e.jpg
F'lar: "AH, roaches! Dammit, dammit, dammit!"

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_3ecf93d1_zpsbd479735.jpg
F'lar: "I can't stand roaches! Wahh! Now I've got roach guts on my shoes!"
Kent: "Don't worry, son, I've got this." *proceeds to spray the hell out of the roaches and F'lar's feet*
F'lar: "Do you mind, Dad? I'm trying to angst here."

 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_9ecf93f2_zps1ba7aa0f.jpg
Considering the amount of poison your father just sprayed all over I don't know if taking a deep breath right now is such a good idea. Although it didn't cause him any aspiration point loss I'm sure the fact that there are roaches around again are not doing him any good.

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_1ecf94e3_zps0d782d4a.jpg

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_9ecf952a_zps0fc0bec4.jpg
Kent:"Oh, why do I keep burning these?"
Maybe if you try paying attention instead of playing with your Wilson-ball this wouldn't keep happening. Either that or stick to fixing salads.

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_9ecf9a3b_zpsb8e9ec27.jpg
Kent to his all-knowing ball: "I don't know what I'm doing wrong! I've mixed the ingredients well, I check the oven temp...
what am I doing wrong?"
Menolly: "Mo-om! Dad's talking to his ball again!"

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_decf9b8c_zps117bb556.jpg
It's transition time for the girls! Yay!

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_becf9c94_zpsb2285bbd.jpg
Teen Menolly.

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_1ecf9b7b_zps926b64e7.jpg
And teen Brekke.

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_3ecfa255_zps799b6189.jpg
Brekke after a makeover and a change of clothing.

 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_3ecfa28a_zps134e7237.jpg
She's definitely got her mother's mouth and nose.

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_becfa1b1_zps706e1acd.jpg
Menolly after a makeover and change of clothing.

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_7ecfa217_zps2f43d8dc.jpg
She got a lot of Kent's genes but she's got Gloria's chin I do believe.

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_7ed09703_zpsd7c5230a.jpg
Once again, F'nor has cooked a meal for the family, only this time he cooked spaghetti instead of grilled cheese.

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_3ed09748_zpsd0289338.jpg
Maybe he should stick to grilled cheese after this. That's nasty looking!
Townie:"It's pretty nasty tasting, too! *Gag*!"

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_3ed09776_zps42471d06.jpg
Menolly: "Oh, my taste buds! They're dying!"
Everyone who wants F'nor never too make this meal again, let's see a show of hands!

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_1ed097f2_zps421bffc8.jpg
Brekke: "Congrats on having three best friends, sis, even if they are family!"
Menolly: "Are you trying to mock me? You don't know anybody that I don't know!"
Brekke: "Don't bet on that!"

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_ded09876_zps52ff7943.jpg
Noogie Time! Someone had to do it I suppose.

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_bed09c7f_zps831106e9.jpg
The boys then go off and play punch me, punch you while Menolly looks on.

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_bed09c66_zpsb7652a6f.jpg
Menolly: "Hi, guys!" :DD
You're trying too hard there, Mel, dial it back a little.

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_7ed09cba_zps33d32a5b.jpg
I was going to make a comment about creepy family kisses, but, upon reflection about who Brekke has decided to kiss in a 'friendly' way, maybe it's not so bad!

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_bed09ef4_zps662fc4c4.jpg
Speaking of Brekke, she literally stayed up all night playing chess with the townie visitor and it paid off!
She maxed her logic skill!

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_ded09f5f_zpsdc22e26a.jpg
Townie: "Oh hell! Everyone's leaving! They have places to go. I'm sure you do too!

 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_ded0a049_zpsa2f606c8.jpg
Finally! F'lar manages to get an A+ report card!

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_7ed0a0d7_zpsc044e9e9.jpg
Both the boys brought girls home with them from school. Now, the big question will be, will they actually spend any time with them?

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_bed0a142_zpsec188df3.jpg
F'lar seems to be 'getting close' to his chosen girl. Perhaps a bit too close.
"Ow! My spleen!"

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_fed0a1cf_zpsf1c70dff.jpg
It was bad enough when they were dancing in unison but now that they're out of sync, it's worse!

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_3ed0a3e2_zps3c2998a7.jpg
Gloria came home and transitioned into an elder! Great clothing choice there! Gloria's going to take on a second job, Street Walker! LOL!

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_ded0a43c_zpsbe48daaf.jpg
Photbombing townie: "Whoa, I wouldn't mind a piece of that action!"
Keep walking, creep, keep walking!

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_ded0a5df_zps3fd57285.jpg
There, that's better.
Gloria: "It's rather pink, don't you think?"
It may be pink but at least it matches. Do you really want to wear something that screams "street walker"?
Gloria: "Point taken."

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_ded0a602_zps58eab836.jpg
I think she aged rather well although I wish it wasn't so soon!
And that about ends this update. I leave you with this parting note...

Gen.1.5 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_1ed0a90d_zps52a4a37c.jpg
Kent has not slept in bed with his wife since the birth of the girls!

Torch Holders-1
Perma-platinum sims-0
Shrink visits-2
Social Bunny visits-0
Social Worker Visits-0
Accidental deaths-0
Pass outs-2
Self wettings-0
Special tombstones vs total-0


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Gloria an elder already!
And simultaneous wrist pain was funny :)

I am not ready for her to get old already! :(
She's fun, really.

I wonder if they can get carpel tunnel from too much punching?

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