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The Tattersal ISBI
This update was a little longer in coming than I'd anticipated but RL gets in the way sometimes. Anyway, here we are, back with the Tattersal Legacy! Let's just jump right in and see what happens.
Warnings:Totally inept childcare by professionals. Swearing and hair-pulling.
 photo f99db965-6911-4262-816f-249f2a389fa0_zpsdf1d89b7.jpg

Last time:
F'lar and F'nor transitioned into childhood and grew up well. F'lar discovered the oven and started feeding himself.
Menolly and Brekke transitioned into toddlers and they also grew up well, much to my surprise.
Everyone seemed to fawn all over Brekke. Menolly? Not so much.
F'lar's one childhood command was used to send him to school when he decided that a bath was more important that education. Kent was not so great dealing with the babies but he has proved to be awesome with the toddlers.
He even did some autonomous potty training.
Let's see how everything is.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_7e880090_zps56051d00.jpg
Let's see....Homework piles on the floor...

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_7e88009f_zpsc351adcc.jpg
Kitchen is flooded and there's rotten food lying around...

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_7e8800cb_zps596fdc1e.jpg
And the bathroom's flooded also.
This must be the place!

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_be880193_zps3cade14d.jpg
Along with the rest of the house being a mess, F'lar seems to have taken a big Ball O' Stink to bed with him.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_de88017d_zps952b1022.jpg
F'nor is less than impressed.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_fe88029c_zps411fa6e1.jpg
Great Balls O' Stink continue downstairs as Menolly prepares to drink from a sour bottle.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_7e57ac44_zpse56cd05c.jpg
In an effort to keep at least on child from being devoured by a Ball O' Stink Gloria takes Brekke to the potty.
Gloria has the day off today.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_3e880312_zpsa6d9e644.jpg
I bet she's just ecstatic!

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_be8803a0_zps486e36ff.jpg
Menolly gets a diaper change and that makes her feel better.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_5e880465_zpsf0f595c2.jpg
The girls get a one-up on their brothers by being able to swill down some smart milk.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_5e8805eb_zps0dfa6234.jpg
Kent come home with a promotion to executive. He took his boss out to dinner and everything apparently went well.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_7e8806b2_zps649434a7.jpg
That means he's been promoted high enough to get the execuputer!
"Oh, I hate it!"
"I'll never get to use it, that's why

He may have a point there.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_1e880652_zps45ecdfe4.jpg
He got home just in time to Brekke down for a nap. Everybody loves this girl!

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_7e880752_zpsf6514758.jpg
He then went and made dessert.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_5e57c15b_zps6504ca0c.jpg
F'nor's not doing well in school and his grades are dropping fast. He's not at all happy with it, either.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_3e8808a6_zps6c1c49dc.jpg
Actually both the boys are doing terrible, F'nor just reacts worse to it.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_fe880959_zps848d0ade.jpg
Gloria does the best she can to keep their spirits high so she can help them out.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_1e880989_zps12c676c7.jpg
While Gloria is busy helping the boys Kent is the model ISBI spouse and keeps the girls entertained and out from under foot.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_fe880bb3_zpsf20fda22.jpg
In the morning the boys wake up and start their day with a nice game of rock-paper-scissors.
There are no fights in this household. At least not in this generation.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_5e880e5f_zps11b263c4.jpg
There is bitching, though. Poor Gloria almost got a full night's rest before the girls started complaining.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_3e880fa1_zps34c4d511.jpg
The boys had some nice toaster pastries for breakfast. It's Saturday so there's no school today.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_9e880fdd_zps888cabf8.jpg
Hooray for smart milk! Brekke actually learned a toddler skill!
Gloria was very happy!

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_5e881096_zps2f1ac29d.jpg
And then the nanny came in and killed the buzz.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_9e8810cf_zps856f7275.jpg
Nanny: " I can take care of things from here, Mrs.Tattersal."
Really? I don't think so. Oh, Nanny's name is Mona Kim. I made it a point to look. Remember that name and tremble in fear if she comes for your babies. I'm not even kidding!

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_7e88111c_zps8357f940.jpg
Yes, Mona had Everything Under Control! Why is Brekke in the highchair? Because the answer to all life's problems is food according to Nanny.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_fe8811b0_zps56ba87e4.jpg
F'nor's childhood command was used to get him to do his homework. I really don't want to lose all my kids this early in the legacy.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_de8811d5_zpsbacc6603.jpg
He got a nice little boost from it, too, so it's all good.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_5e881215_zps7224a7c3.jpg
Nanny's being competent. Don't expect it to last.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_3e881284_zps74e89c38.jpg

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_3e88134d_zpsce3b7445.jpg
I told you her compentency wouldn't last. I turned the fridge to the wall because she was getting out bottle after bottle for Menolly instead of just letting her eat the food she had in front of her.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_3e8813d8_zps413b60d9.jpg
What the hell? Why are you wasting their food?

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_de88150f_zpsadd97698.jpg
Kent managed to get his daughter away from the nanny and played with her for a little while in the bathroom.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_de88159b_zps5a32a772.jpg
Perhaps he should think of having these play sessions in a different room because he was soon interrupted by F'lar's need to pee.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_be8815f5_zpsf61da328.jpg

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_3e88169f_zps1de5651b.jpg
Nanny: "Fine then. She won't let me feed you..."
And she took Menolly out of the highchair and put her on the floor.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_1e881600_zps4a12eaa3.jpg
Then picked her back up and put her back in the highchair for a second time.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_7e881640_zps302799ee.jpg
And a third!

 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_5e881665_zps274e9c40.jpg
And a fourth!

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_7e8816bc_zpsebd0fc47.jpg
then I gave up and turned the fridge back around. D:<

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_7e881705_zps66b8c479.jpg
I want to kill her in a fire. Then resurrect her and kill her again. Then resurrect her as a zombie. She is the worst nanny I have ever seen!

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_5e881745_zps88fe8677.jpg
F'nor is taking after his father in that he can spend several hours playing chess by himself.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_1e8817c5_zps1cc5f96c.jpg
The fact that you are doing that correctly in no way changes my mind about killing your sorry ass.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_fe8817d7_zps762631ae.jpg

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_fe96fc7d_zps4f4dfc13.jpg
*sigh* Anyway, Gloria finally returned from work with a long awaited promotion. She is now resident and she can throw out that horrid jumpsuit she's been wearing.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_fe881b3f_zpsaa03ed09.jpg
She's home just in time, too. The girls are ready to become children.
I'm sure it has nothing to do with wanting to escape the clutches of the nanny insanity.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_1e881b54_zps3ebc6fd1.jpg
Menolly grows up well.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_5e881d59_zps30e991df.jpg
Brekke's transition was delayed by a bath. By the time she was ready to go she had an audience.
Brekke is the family favorite no doubt about it.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_3e881d80_zpse57ff621.jpg
She grew up well, also. That's not a surprise at this point.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_1e881dfc_zps26e6d937.jpg

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_9e881de9_zps35bc5d07.jpg
Age transitions mean family smustle party!

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_9e881e09_zpsa4620333.jpg
Except for Gloria, who was too tired to join and F'nor who'd already went to bed.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_1e881e9e_zps3c71f4c9.jpg
Menolly: "Hey! Look at me! Look what I can do!"

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_3e881ecc_zpsf2fcbb85.jpg
Menolly: *turns cartwheel*
Brekke: "Hooray! That's great!"
F'lar: *smustle, smustle* "Oh hey, that is pretty good!"

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_1e881f11_zpsb0a7d52e.jpg
Menolly looks a lot like her brothers. She's got Kent's nose and lips for sure.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_5e881f21_zpse223fb3b.jpg
Brekke, however, looks like she has Gloria's nose and maybe her lips, too.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_9e8efe19_zps3d3e4008.jpg
This whole generation is turning out to be a great big love fest among the kids.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_fe8efe0c_zps831e0691.jpg

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_3e8eff02_zps8c4e2a52.jpg
They went on like this all night until Brekke got tired and went to bed.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_5e8effd6_zps553f3c9a.jpg
Menolly then went and sought out F'lar.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_be8f001d_zps760188b4.jpg
And she taught him how to play Mary Mack.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_9e8f00bd_zps069e5dc3.jpg
Gloria: "Hey, sweetie, come sit closer to mommy."

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_de8f00e0_zps466d7b4a.jpg
I just want to melt. This is just too sweet.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_1e8f01a3_zps15f994c8.jpg
If the girls always seem to want to play Mary Mack, the boys always want to play Punch me, Punch you.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_5e8f01d3_zpsea51233f.jpg
F'nor's not feeling good because he has food poisoning.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_de8f028c_zps678d7f4b.jpg
The gentleman standing behind Gloria is Alejandro Miguel and he says he knows people and he's going to see that Gloria gets higher wages from now on. I love you!

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_de8f033a_zps11c1df7c.jpg
Kent really loves his kids. I just wish he wouldn't poke his hand through their skulls!

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_9e8f03d2_zps3e873bd6.jpg
I bought them an easel and both Gloria and Kent cheer.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_de8f040b_zps7e21e75d.jpg
Gloria was the first one to jump in and try it out.
F'nor: "I think it needs a little more lime green there, Mom."
Gloria: "Butt out, son."

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_fe8f046d_zps97fa9dd9.jpg
The art project is interrupted by a dancefest!

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_1e8f06d9_zpsb7a309ce.jpg
There's more dancing to be had outside while Alejandro looks on.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_1e8f0695_zps74828435.jpg
F'lar: "Why don't you get married and have kids Mr.Miguel? If you had kids you could have fun like we do."
Alejandro: "I'll keep that in mind, kid."

gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_7e8f092f_zps1b848dad.jpg
Since she taught him how to play Mary Mack F'lar teaches Menolly to play Punch me Punch you.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_9e8f09e0_zps399948a5.jpg
Gloria pays you too damned much for you to sit there and eat their food, even if you did fix it!

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_fe8f0a3d_zps40058d78.jpg
And because the stupid bitch cooked those hours ago now they've gone spoiled.
F'lar: "Hey, where'd all these flies come from all of a sudden?"
Menolly: *sniff* "How come there's green fumes coming off this burger now?"

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_9e8f0a63_zpsa1f227e6.jpg
F'lar: "Crap! They've gone bad! Oh gross!" *gags*
Menolly: "Really? They're not supposed to smell like this?"

Gen1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_be8f0a5e_zpsd997a9c8.jpg
F'lar: "Good lord I really do think she's trying to kill us!"

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_be8f0f41_zps4b3a6309.jpg
Since they have a little (very little) extra money I decided to give the kitchen a make-over.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_9e8f12d9_zps27e0ca8f.jpg
This girl came home with the kids then started smustling right in front of the door. Now nobody else can get off the bus.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_de8f132d_zps80b0ea1c.jpg
"Someone please make that girl move? I have other stops to make!

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_5e8f13b1_zps7bb22040.jpg
My, my there is so many things wrong with this picture I don't know where to begin.
First the bus pulls away with it's door still half open. The car pool is tailgating much too close and the bus driver must have let the kids out the back door as they're in the middle of the road! Not a very safe place to be considering how people are driving around here.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_9e8f1428_zps88f8b8d4.jpg
Gloria greets rikkulidea"'s Hyperion Randolph of the Randolph ISBI.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_7e8f14b6_zps23456e48.jpg
Kent: "What is he doing?"
I'm not sure. He's either dancing or he's got a helluva stomach cramp!

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_1e8f14e5_zps35764f16.jpg
Hey, weren't you just driving the school bus and now you're driving the nanny's car?
"I can't tell you. It's classified."
Classified? Why? Are you a clone or something? How many of you are there?
"I can't talk now! Gotta go!"

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_de8f15af_zps61bd1048.jpg
My boys are becoming teens now.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_1e8f1928_zps7af7265c.jpg
F'lar rolled Romance for his aspiration with Family for his secondary.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_1e96e95f_zpsfb80d54c.jpg
F'nor gets to keep his hair since I really can't imagine a different style on him now.
He also rolled Romance (lovely) with a Grilled Cheese secondary.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_7e96e9f1_zps53c37efc.jpg
Must you smustle through the wall?

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_7e96ea54_zps402c981e.jpg
Poor Brekke! Her sister is asleep so she's forced to daydream of all the awesome things they can do when she wakes up again.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_de96eac8_zps278f54eb.jpg
Then she stares at her brother for an hour or so while he sleeps. Getting a bit creepy there, Brekke.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_7e96eb8d_zps88636f92.jpg
The next morning F'nor attempts his first meal that isn't an easy bake muffin.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_de96eba3_zps353baec2.jpg

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_fe96ec61_zps17a7abda.jpg

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_de96ec71_zps42ec47da.jpg
And then Brekke came in and they both just stood there for the longest time. Still creepy, Brekke!

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_de96ec91_zpsf8761c25.jpg
F'nor: "Hey, sis, you want to play red hands or something?"

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_3e96ecc6_zps80558c5d.jpg
Brekke:" If you were F'lar I might consider it but, no, I don't think so."

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_3e96ece8_zpsce8f4da2.jpg
F'nor: "Oh. Okay."
Brekke: "Okay"
*both stand around* La-de-da-de-da-de-da...

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_9e96ed15_zpse38dd3cf.jpg
She won't play red hands with him but a kiss? No problem! o.O

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_de96eda9_zps05340de7.jpg
Menolly finally woke up and joined them for a breakfast of grilled cheese.
Brekke: "Hello sister!"
Menolly: "Hello there."

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_fe96edec_zps801a25d1.jpg
Menolly: "Uh...don't you want to eat something?"
Brekke: "I'm not really hungry right now. I just want to stand here and watch you eat."
Menolly: "Oh, okay."
I'm blaming the nanny for this I don't care!

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_3e96f0bd_zps6b2e7c37.jpg
Kent got demoted because his boss is a poor loser. Cheer up, Kent. It's only a demotion. At least you didn't lose your job this time.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_3e96f143_zps3b068989.jpg
Gloria does what she can to try to make him feel better.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_1e96f21b_zps859336a0.jpg
Dammit, Kent! It was just a lousy demotion! There was no reason for you to set the stove on fire!

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_9e96f22d_zpsb2463ef9.jpg
Gloria:"Oh my gosh, Kent! The kitchen's on fire!
Kent: "What, we have no dill pickles?"

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_3e96f2df_zps11dc4da3.jpg
Kent:"Oh, shit the kitchen is on fire!"
Gloria:"Good of you to notice, asshole!"

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_3e96f296_zpsf2b28746.jpg
Fortunately, the fire truck has pulled up outside.
Unfortunately, the firefighter isn't coming to the house. I think the bus is in his way.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_3e96f2b7_zps2bae703c.jpg
Oh, here he comes now. Guess he was just waiting to make a dramatic entrance.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_5e96f31a_zps476acbcc.jpg
Thank-you for putting out the raging inferno. Next time could you put it out just a little bit faster?

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_5e96f478_zps3fc00ae3.jpg
Menolly was nowhere near the fire but apparently her hygiene has lapsed badly.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_fe96f488_zps20c02231.jpg
And Brekke's tired.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_3e96f468_zpsa696a181.jpg
I get it! Menolly Stinks! You can all stop now!

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_7e96f670_zps70f83682.jpg
Of course if you're being followed by a big Ball O' Stink the best thing to do is to sit outside and play with the teddy bear. Right?

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_9e96f516_zpsd4a51c32.jpg
Uninvited Hobby Woman:"Hello! I'm just going to walk in here uninvited and without knocking and, oh my god! Do you know there's a child out there that smells like a compost heap?"
Gloria:"So if you take the square root of the first number and divide it by...excuse me?"

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_3e96f550_zpsb712bed7.jpg
Gloria:"May I politely ask who the fuck are you and what are you doing barging into my house?"
Uninvited Hobby Woman: "Don't mind me I'm here to talk with this young man! And your name is...?"

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_1e96f591_zps4b623fc1.jpg
F'lar: "F'lar, Miss! I'm glad to meet you!"
UHW: "And I'm so glad to meet you, too, F'lar! I'm here to give you a special pass to go to the secret music center. We've noticed that you really enjoy music and we would love for you to join us."
Gloria: "You barged in my house and interrupted me while I'm trying to help him with his homework for this shit? I don't believe this!"

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_1e96f59f_zpsf58e024b.jpg
UHW: "I do hope to see you there some day. I'll be leaving now. Don't worry I can show myself out!"
Gloria: "I hope you don't come back again, bitch! Honestly, the nerve of some people!"

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_9e96f691_zpse9f3cfa5.jpg
"Help! I've been out here for an hour and I still smell bad! What do I do?"
Go take a bath you silly child!

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_be96f752_zps3b327351.jpg
Menolly: "Hey, F'lar can I, EEEEKKK!"
Menolly: "Too late! I already did! *sob!*
F'lar: "Did someone say something? I can't hear you!"

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_9e96fa10_zps85487c05.jpg
I realize you two are like BFFs but pillow fighting? Seriously?
Oh and thanks for the mental scarring of your little sister.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_7e96f964_zps61bb34b6.jpg
Menolly did finally get a chance to wash up but as soon as she was out of the tub...
Kent: "If you're done in here could you please leave? Daddy has to use the toilet."
Menolly: "I can't! I can't get past the toilet! You've got to move first!"

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_9e96fb63_zps4e8759b1.jpg
Kent: "Seriously, honey, Daddy really has to go! Could you please leave?"
Menolly: "You have to leave first, Dad! I can't get past you!"
F'lar: "What's going on you guys?"
This whole thing went on for quite awhile.

Gen.1.4 photo snapshot_fd5f4676_de96fb23_zps04a78721.jpg
Kent: "Finally, she left now I can..."
F'lar: "Hey, dad, would you mind getting out of the way, I have to pee!"
Oh for fuck's sake!

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All the kids look really different. It will be nice to see them all grow up!

They did turn out great, I'm very happy.
The only problem is it's going to be very hard when I have to choose an heir. Maybe it will be easier when the girls both become teens but I'm not so sure.

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